3 Steps to Finding Your Signature Leadership Strengths

Your leadership strengths are your most powerful differentiators. Identifying, embracing, and unleashing these strengths can form the foundation of an extraordinary career.

Try this quick exercise:

Put pen to paper and jot down your top 3 leadership strengths. Don’t overthink it! Go!

Three Steps for Finding Your Signature Leadership Strengths

Now, let’s try a different approach. Download my PDF worksheet of 100 Leadership Qualities and I’ll walk you through a quick exercise to identify your signature leadership strengths (it’ll only take 5 minutes.)

Next, compare and contrast your two lists. How are they different? Drop a note in the comments!

Bonus step: Put your three leadership strengths somewhere where you’ll see them every day as a reminder to play up these qualities and unapologetically own the heck out of them.

You can also crowdsource the answers, too. Show the list of 100 Leadership Qualities to a few people who know you well and ask them to identify 3 attributes that best describe their experience of you.

And promise me one thing: That you’ll come back to this list and ground yourself in these strengths before setting any new goals or intentions for 2022.

And join me for my 2022 Emerging Leaders Webinar Series for much, much more like this. (But don’t overthink this either, or you’ll miss early-bird registration which closes December 23!)

. . .

This exercise was adapted from Woman of Influence: 9 Steps to Build Your Brand, Establish Your Legacy, and Thrive (McGraw-Hill, 2019) by Jo Miller

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