Emerging Leaders Webinar Series
With Jo Miller

Women's leadership expert Jo Miller

The 2023 Emerging Leaders Webinar Series provides a proven, pragmatic roadmap
to identify, embrace, and amplify your authentic leadership strengths.

Guided by women’s leadership expert, bestselling author, and award-winning researcher
Jo Miller, you’ll explore a set of topics designed to help you advance your career, develop
your leadership skills, expand your influence and impact, and take charge of your career trajectory.

Who it's for

Do any of these sound like you?

You’re not sure if you’re leader yet—or if you’re cut out to become one.
You haven’t yet identified your innate leadership style and strengths, or how to compellingly articulate the value those traits contribute to your organization.

You’re the best kept secret in your organization.
You’re struggling to close the gap between all that you bring to the table and how others perceive you, so your leadership strengths and potential become visible and sought after.

You’re too busy to focus on your future.
Your skills are being utilized and appreciated, but you’ve become indispensable for doing work that downplays your potential. You long to do less and lead more. You’re overdue to revisit and reimagine what you want for yourself, and give your career strategy a tune-up.

If so, you’re in the right place. The Emerging Leaders Webinar Series will give you a powerful, practical roadmap to dream big, lead boldly, and make great things happen. Here’s how we’ll do it...

We’ll work together, step by step, through a proven, pragmatic roadmap to:

• See yourself as a leader—now—without changing who you are
• Identify your leadership strengths
• Define and claim a distinctive leadership niche
• Close the gap between what you're capable of and how you're perceived
• Shift your mindset from doing to leading
• Create career-defining moments
• Amplify your accomplishments, without feeling awkward or superficial
• Attract and earn the advocacy of influential sponsors
• Lift others as you rise

Each lesson is reinforced with concrete actions you'll take, using a blend of self-assessments, practical exercises, and checklists that have been road tested by tens of thousands of my past program participants. Plus, you'll work through the steps with a supportive community of like-minded peers.

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“The roadmap Jo provides is AMAZING! It has totally changed my self-acceptance and career trajectory.”

Danessa Gates
Operations Executive

“Jo is FANTASTIC! She delivers the most astute, valuable career advice tailor-made to fit your needs. I owe a large part of my career success to her.”

Rujul Pathak,
Director, Digital Workplace & Employee Experience

“Incredible sessions with super great advice and career motivation.
Thank you, Jo!”

Jayne Booth
Software Architect Technical Lead

“I had become indispensable at doing work that hid my potential. Now, I’m inspired to lead with my heart, showcase my authenticity, and seize control of my career. Thank you, Jo.”

Helena Burkett
Complex Store Manager

“Thanks for the AWESOME series! It has given me what I needed to move my career to the next level. As a result, I accepted an interim role which became a huge opportunity for development and growth.”

Stephanie Cole
Regulatory Operations Specialist

“One of the best leadership trainings I've attended! I have learned to embrace my strengths and not focus on my weaknesses. The class helped me take control of my career and my brand.”

Diane Doise
Senior Staff Automation Engineer

Your webinar membership includes...

• Five engaging, interactive, content-rich 90-minute Zoom webinars consisting of 70-75 minutes
of training content followed by Q&A
• Pre-work exercises, worksheets, checklists, slides, and resources to accompany each webinar
• Group discussion guides—and help forming a small group of like-minded peers
• Access to the webinar recordings (but please plan to show up live so you can participate fully!)
• On-demand access to 9 previously recorded webinar interviews with inspiring women leaders
• A 500-strong community ready to share best practices, cheer you on, and support you to thrive


Based on my work with hundreds of thousands of women, I reverse engineered this step-by-step process to bridge the gap between where you are in your career and your leadership aspirations. The content is designed for early-career and mid-level professionals. Formulated with women in mind, the sessions are inclusive of all genders. All are welcome.

Each topic is offered three times, and you're welcome to attend whichever time suits you best.

Dates & Times:
Thursdays, 9 a.m. Pacific time (10 a.m. Mountain, 11 a.m. Central, 12 noon Eastern)
February 23, April 27, June 22, August 24, and October 19

Thursdays, 12 noon Pacific time (1 p.m. Mountain, 2 p.m. Central, 3 p.m. Eastern)
February 23, April 27, June 22, August 24, and October 19

Fridays, 10 a.m. Pacific time (11 a.m. Mountain, 12 noon Central, 1 p.m. Eastern)
February 24, April 28, June 23, August 25, and October 20

Here's what we'll cover:

You already have a personal brand. But is it a leadership brand? In this session, claim a unique and distinctive leadership niche by connecting the dots from your leadership strengths to work you love to do—that is also a valuable asset to your organization. Craft a leadership brand statement that stands for something bigger than you can accomplish alone—and compels those around you to sit up, pay attention, and see the leader in you.

The stakes can be high, but a well-chosen, high-profile role or stretch assignment can be career defining, and it can propel you to new heights. Learn to recognize opportunities that showcase your strengths and potential—while artfully declining the ones that don’t—so you’re neither over-stretching nor under-stretching. You’ll walk away with new inspiration for finding your next career-defining opportunity, and executing it like a rock star.

Have you ever felt like the best-kept secret in your organization? No matter how urgent, important, or never-ending your workload is, you can’t afford to spend all your working hours with your head down, working hard, or you’ll silence your voice, submerge your influence, and miss out on career opportunities. In this session, discuss bias-busting “stealth-promotion” tactics for making your leadership brand, value, and accomplishments visible—in a style that’s authentically your own. Identify ways to contribute to a culture in which all achievements are recognized. 

You don’t need a title to be a leader or to accomplish amazing things. Your leadership presence—how others experience you as a leader—is being shaped in every interaction you have. Discover five key shifts in mindset and behavior that will help you lift your head up, shift your focus, and rebalance your approach in favor of more leading, and less doing. Leave with a practical plan to “get your shift together” and become the powerhouse leader you were meant to be.

Is there a closed door between you and your next career breakthrough? Kick it down with the backing of influential sponsors. In this session, you’ll get clear on the difference between mentors and sponsors. Understand what sponsorship is, why you’re underestimating its value, and why you can’t ask for it—but you can up your chances to earn it. Learn what sponsors expect from you and six steps for attracting a sponsor’s advocacy. Discuss ways to be an effective sponsor to others.

We reserve the right to reschedule, based on speaker availability or technical difficulties.

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Diya Sekhar

“I’ve been hired to build a global team and lead them in a new business initiative. My new manager also insisted that I be promoted to principal!! The preparation, really thinking about my experiences and skills, and articulating my value proposition did the trick. It's been such an amazing leap for me. I can’t thank you enough. Your work is deeply and positively impactful and uplifting.”

Vida (Diya) Sekhar, Principal Security Analyst Manager

How does the program rate?

Year after year, 95% of webinar participants surveyed rate the facilitation, topics, and the series overall “very good” or “excellent.”

I personally cannot wait  to work with you.

Your work ethic, tenacity, and courage got you this far. Imagine what will be possible with an experienced guide and a proven roadmap to becoming the powerhouse leader you were meant to be. You don’t need to go it alone.

I believe everyone has a personal mission, a reason for being on this planet. Mine: to give women, like you, a clear and proven plan for how to step into the leadership pipeline and present yourself as the talented leader you are.  

Based on my work with hundreds of thousands of women, I developed a pragmatic and powerful process to guide you from where you are in your career to where you aspire to be. I share this process in my book Woman of Influence: 9 Steps to Build Your Brand, Establish Your Legacy, and Thrive (McGraw Hill), which made its debut as a #1 bestselling new release on Amazon.  

I’ve also spoken to audiences of up to 3,000 women in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East for women’s leadership conferences, professional associations, and corporate women’s networks. 

Identifying, embracing, and amplifying my leadership strengths has transformed my career. One thing’s clear: YOU can do the same. 

You deserve nothing less than a lifetime of work that plays to your strengths, energizes you, and allows you to operate at your best every day, without being anything other than your authentic, luminous self.

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