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The Best Form of Career Insurance

What’s the best form of career insurance?

In my recent Insta live with @LeanInLondonUK, a viewer asked: “How can you thrive in an uncertain company climate?”

Answer: This is not the time to remain the best kept secret in your organization.

Enjoy this 4-minute snippet from my conversation with Aline Gresset about the best form of career insurance: Getting clear on the unique value you have to offer…

🌟 Connect the dots from your leadership strengths to work you love to do and that is also a valuable asset to your organization.

💎 Lock focus on some core capabilities at which you dazzle and shine.

😎 Claim your specialty and demonstrate substance by doing work that’s valuable, visible, and understood.

This will serve you well when times are good, but is utterly essential in a time of turbulence.


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