People with strong networks and good mentors enjoy more promotions, higher pay, and greater career satisfaction

People With Strong Networks and Good Mentors Enjoy More Promotions, Higher Pay, and Greater Career Satisfaction 🚀

Fact: People with strong networks and good mentors enjoy more promotions, higher pay, and greater career satisfaction.

Simply put, having the right mentors can be like rocket fuel for your career.

My first job did not end well—in fact, I got fired.

Later, after a couple more mismatched roles, I stopped fighting against my innate leadership strengths and began owning them instead, and when I did, it opened doors to discovering different strengths that I never knew I had. Backed by a series of influential mentors, I took a leap and pivoted into my new career.

Today, I am CEO of Be Leaderly and a women’s leadership expert, having dedicated two decades to helping women advance into positions of influence by leveraging their leadership strengths. I ultimately ended up in a much more satisfying job than I ever could have daydreamed.

Often when we tackle something new, we rush to convince everyone that we know exactly what we’re doing. So when we have questions or we’re unsure about how something works, we keep it to ourselves. We go it alone and try to figure it out.

There’s power in surrounding yourself with people who see the leader in you, and encourage you to see the leader in yourself. People who inspire, challenge, and motivate you to make bold, fearless moves. They’re ones who support your growth and development by providing advice, feedback, and guidance. The trusted advisors you go to when you could use a confidence boost or sounding board for everyday situations, difficult problems, and almost any scenario in between.

A strong network of mentors is key to accomplishing amazing things.

As you launch into 2021 with a refreshed set of goals, intentions, resolutions and daydreams, remember you don’t have to go it alone. Here’s a fresh approach to try. Ask, “Whose support can I enlist?”

I’ve made you this quick-start 10-page guide to making the most of every meeting with a mentor: 40 Questions to Ask a Mentor.

If you’re ready to show up like a rock star to every mentoring session, knowing exactly the right topics to discuss…grab the guide, and let’s get started!

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