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Roundup of Leadership Podcasts, Etc

I’m fortunate to know some kickass authors, speakers, and thought leaders—the best of the best—many of whom host leadership podcasts and online shows. Since the publication of my book Woman of Influence I’ve been doing loads of interviews, which means you get to eavesdrop on my conversations with some of the sharpest minds I know.

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(NEW!) Midlife Mastery

Life as a newly minted 50 year old might have been somewhat more daunting had I not had two awesome role models: my parents. I spoke to Broc Edwards about what it meant to have seen my mum and dad completely reboot their careers in their early 50s. We also touched on some of my favorite topics including building a personal brand, understanding your core leadership type, and the importance of taking risks. Listen & subscribe.

(NEW!) Elevate With Grit

Our stated agenda for this women in tech panel discussion was to a conversation about inspiration: what inspires us, and how we can inspire others. As you’ll soon see, we launched off from that point…and then veered into topics related to leadership, communication, diversity, enlisting male allies to the cause, and advice we’d give to our 20-year-old selves. Our host, Marie-Christine Legault is the Head of Cprime Canada and one of the most infectiously enthusiastic leaders I’ve been privileged to meet. Watch here. The program kicks off at the 5:00 minute mark.

Being Indispensable

Turning career failures, faceplants and flops into “flopportunities,” finding our career superpowers, unapologetically unleashing our leadership potential,  and the one action I wish I’d taken early on to *own* my career path. I adored recording this 2-part conversation with Liz Van Vliet of My EA Careeer. Check out the matchy-matchy Aussie accents! Listen & subscribe. 

#MORETHAN a Podcast

My brilliantly insightful friend Tara Jaye Frank started her career writing Hallmark greeting cards. Today she’s a speaker and author, known for her gems of leadership wisdom like, “The best way to become who you’re destined to be is to accept who you are.” She’s also founder of the #MoreThan movement. I spoke with Tara Jaye about amplifying your accomplishments without coming across as a jerk, and why discovering your “leadership superpower” is essential an incredible career. Listen & subscribe.

Business Storytelling Podcast

Christoph Trappe is masterful at helping business connect authentically with their customers and communities through the power of storytelling. In all the years I’ve known Christoph, no one as come close to generating a constant stream of high-quality thought leadership. In his day job, he’s a Chief Content and Marketing Officer. How does he get it all done? I’m no closer to figuring that out, but we did have a fun conversation about developing a personal brand by design, not default. Listen & subscribe.

Your Working Life

Caroline Dowd Higgins is no stranger to career reinvention, having made the epic career leap from opera singer to career development coach. She’s also the host of a 5-star-rated podcast that reaches thousands of professional women worldwide. Caroline and I spoke about what to do when your leadership strengths go unrecognized, finding your “leadership superpowers” and how to power up your personal brand into a leadership brand. Listen & subscribe.

SWE Diverse Podcast

The Society of Women Engineers and I go way back. It’s been 14 years since SWE booked me for my first speaking engagement at a national conference, and we’ve both come a long way since then. I spoke with SWE president-elect Heather Doty about how much we loved SWE’s eXXec program last year, and why I’m so excited to return in 2020 to moderate the high-impact leadership program that empowers emerging female talent to become their truest self as a leader. Listen & subscribe.
(Interested in attending eXXec 2020? Learn more and register here.)

Being Indispensable

Liz Van Vliet breaks down why it’s vital to invest time in observing, assessing and understanding office politics — but only if you want to stand out and be perceived as indispensable. Featuring the Shadow Organization Map concept from yours truly! Grab some colored pens because Liz will walk you through the steps. Liz refines my approach for use by Executive Assistants, but this mapping exercise will be an eye-opener, no matter what role you play. Oh and hey, if you like hearing my accent you’ll love listening to Liz. Listen & subscribe. 

Imperfect Action

Broc Edwards and I worked together more than a decade ago as globe-trotting leadership facilitators working with leadership teams at some of the world’s top companies. Now, Broc is a leadership and learning exec who is on a mission to help people transform their lives, one action at a time. Broc believes that imperfect action beats perfect inaction, and his podcast focuses on action-oriented ways to get unstuck, make better decisions, and get better results. Listen & subscribe.


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